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El Jerte Puts on a Show


In spring the first cherry-trees come into flower and so begins one of the most popular and beautiful festivities on the Peninsula: the party of the Flowering Cherry-Trees in the Valley of El Jerte. This is an annual event in which cherry blossom and nature play a starring role.

The Valley of El Jerte is a scenic area located in the north of the Province of Cáceres, one that boasts the most natural spectacle of colour in early spring. The typical cherry-trees of the area all come out in blossom, covering the valley and the mountainsides with a veritable carpet of white flowers, a truly unique sight in Spain.

The easiest way to tour the whole Valley of El Jerte is to link up with the road that leads from the Pass of Tornavacas to Navaconejo, a panoramic route that boasts the most picturesque scenery. Visitors should also explore the sides of the Valley, stopping off in the villages of Valdastillas, Piornal, Barrado, Cabrero, Casas del Castañar, El Torno and Rebollar. By doing so they will pass through the cherry orchards themselves and enjoy a close-up view.
Another way to enjoy the blossoming cherry-trees is through the numerous activities that are organised throughout the area to mark the Spring and Cherry Blossom Festival. These cultural, gastronomic and many other events seek to celebrate the arrival of fine weather.

But when is the best time to visit the Valley of El Jerte? Generally, the cherry trees blossom around the end of March and in early April and the spectacle tends to last between 10 and 15 days. However, wintry conditions can delay these dates, which sometimes makes it difficult to plan ahead. The most effective way to prepare our trip is through the Tourist Office of the Valley of El Jerte, where they update the dates when the first cherry blossom begins to appear.

PHOTO: Rodrigo Gómez (Flicker)

Recommended Camping: Rio Jerte

Address: Ctra N-110 Km 375.8 10613
Location: Navaconcejo (Cáceres)
Surface: 25.000 m2
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