Bubble tents o tiendas de campaña burbujas hinchables, ¿Las tiendas del futuro?

Bubble tent

El sector del camping evoluciona muy rápido y cada poco tiempo hay alguna innovación que nos sorprende gratamente y que sin duda, nos ayuda a hacer más fácil nuestra escapada campista. Muchas de estas innovaciones en el mundo del camping son sobre las tiendas de campañas, que cada vez son más completas y nos ofrecen todas las comodidades y accesorios que necesitamos. Se puede decir que las tiendas de campañas están en plena revolución, cada vez son más originales, se cuida mucho su diseño y parecen pensadas para el futuro como es el caso de las tiendas de campaña que son burbujas hinchables o también llamadas “Bubble tents” y que además de tener ese diseño tan atractivo tienen características muy competitivas, son durables, seguras y muy versátiles.

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Equipo de camping para disfrutar de unas vacaciones perfectas este 2019

Carnaval 2019

Con la llegada del mes de marzo a todos nos da un subidón de adrenalina por dos motivos muy importantes para los que somos amantes del camping. Lo primero de todo es que se acerca la primavera y por consiguiente, el buen tiempo, los días más largos, el sol, las flores, los paisajes de colores, etc… y el segundo de ellos, es porque la mayoría de los campings comienzan su temporada este mes. Así que seguro que muchos ya estáis reservando vuestra escapada para comenzar el mes de marzo al sol en uno de nuestros campings. Para que vuestras vacaciones y escapadas sean perfectas durante este 2019, vamos a deciros algunos de los equipos de camping que debéis llevar encima ya que con ellos, la comodidad está asegurada.

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The Importance of the Groundsheet When Tenting


When we decide to spend our holidays at a campsite, the moment inevitably comes when we must decide what type of tent to purchase so that our rest and relaxation is guaranteed. However, before buying our tent, it is important to take a number of considerations into account. One of the most important is the groundsheet, which will have a direct impact on our comfort and on that of the entire family.
Today there are three different kinds of groundsheet on the market: the basic groundsheet, which is completely separate from the tent; the bucket-type groundsheet, featuring ties (usually hooks or Velcro) that attach the sheet to the tent; and, finally, the bathtub-type groundsheet, which is integrated within the rest of the tent.
What is the difference between the three? The degree of protection from the exterior. In the case of the basic groundsheet, the tent is not protected from water, dirt or animals, given that gaps remain through which all three can infiltrate. The bucket-style sheet is more closely moored to the tent, which means that the possible entry-points are fewer. The bathtub-style sheet provides the greatest degree of protection given that it forms part of the structure of the tent and completely eliminates any possibility of infiltration, keeping the interior dry and free of insects under any circumstances.

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What do I need to know before I go camping?


Many people avoid campsites because they think they are too complicated. However, this is very often not the case and simply based on lack of knowledge. In today’s post we are going to talk about the steps that you need to take to make your stay at a campsite a truly pleasurable experience.
The first thing we have to do is to thoroughly look over the caravan we are going to use and check that it is in perfect condition for our trip. Are any of the wheels punctured? Does it need to be cleaned? Have any of the light bulbs blown? The same procedure applies to tents. Poor use the previous year can lead to breakages and tears that need to be spotted in advance.
Of course, we must also check that we have all the clothing, personal belongings and accessories that may be useful (see our post on some of the most interesting accessories here) and food, both tinned and fresh.
When we are about to start our journey, it is worth checking the state of the traffic. As far as possible we should try to avoid Fridays, Sundays or Bank Holidays to save time spent in traffic jams. Leaving early in the morning is also a good idea and, if the journey is long, we can always spend the night in service areas or villages, provided that we are sure the areas are safe.
When we reach the campsite, we must go to reception in order to choose our plot. We can even visit the campsite in advance in to ensure that the space where we are going to spend our holidays is to our liking.
Once we have chosen our spot, we can begin to build our tent or we can park our caravan. Today there are many innovative systems available, such as movers and inflatable systems, all of which save time and enable us to get everything ready in just a few minutes (for further information on inflatable systems for tents, please read our post on this matter here).
Whatever the case may be, we recommend that you arrive at the campsite during daylight hours to make it easier to put up your tent or get your caravan ready. Your neighbors may also be able to lend you a hand should you have any problems.
There is little more you need to know to make the most of your stay at a campsite. As for the rest (leisure activities, sports facilities, entertainment…) we shall take care of all of that!

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