The Importance of the Groundsheet When Tenting


When we decide to spend our holidays at a campsite, the moment inevitably comes when we must decide what type of tent to purchase so that our rest and relaxation is guaranteed. However, before buying our tent, it is important to take a number of considerations into account. One of the most important is the groundsheet, which will have a direct impact on our comfort and on that of the entire family.
Today there are three different kinds of groundsheet on the market: the basic groundsheet, which is completely separate from the tent; the bucket-type groundsheet, featuring ties (usually hooks or Velcro) that attach the sheet to the tent; and, finally, the bathtub-type groundsheet, which is integrated within the rest of the tent.
What is the difference between the three? The degree of protection from the exterior. In the case of the basic groundsheet, the tent is not protected from water, dirt or animals, given that gaps remain through which all three can infiltrate. The bucket-style sheet is more closely moored to the tent, which means that the possible entry-points are fewer. The bathtub-style sheet provides the greatest degree of protection given that it forms part of the structure of the tent and completely eliminates any possibility of infiltration, keeping the interior dry and free of insects under any circumstances.

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